photo by bobby bailey, resident of nelsonville

photo by bobby bailey, resident of nelsonville


Native Land Acknowledgments:

Tomorrow (Waupaca) River Homestead acknowledges the ancestral and traditional territories of the Anishinabewaki - ᐊᓂᔑᓈᐯᐗᑭ, Menominee, and Očeti Šakówiŋ nations. These and the surrounding nations of the Ho-Chunk, Ojibwe, Potawatomie, Dakota, Sauk & Meskwaki remain the original, current, and future protectors of the land on which we stand today.

We recognize the colonial settlers that took this land. We honor the histories of this land before colonization. When first colonial/immigrant settlers built homesteads on this land in the 1850’s, indigenous people were still being forced from Wisconsin and suffering the loss of nearly half their people. While colonizers built new homes and lives west of the Mississippi River, native nations were still being forced into “trail of tear” removal across the lands. As tribes were forced from their native lands many tribes relocated to Wisconsin.

As we create in this space we hope to honor the skills and knowledges exchanged for thousands of years before our arrival. While we bring awareness of the original caretakers and travelers of these lands forward, we must continue our work beyond acknowledgement to end the erasure of indigenous identity and presence. We must hold ourselves responsible for the respect of ancestral names, languages, and laws, direct support of indigenous workers, and further decolonial disruptive action.

Zay and Rue moved “back to the land” to unify with their own indigenous ancestral heritage that was washed from their family culture through genocide, quantum blood law and forced assimilation into white society. Zay is registered Muscogee (Creek) Nation, a tribe forcibly removed from their Southeastern ancestral homes to Oklmulgee, Oklahoma Indian Territory. Rue is registered to the Cherokee Nation, a tribe also forcibly removed from their Southeastern ancestral homes to Tahlequah, Oklahoma Indian Territory. Rue also recognizes her paternal grandmother’s registered lineage of Baxoje (Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska), a semi-nomadic tribe originating from the Ho-Chunk tribes of Wisconsin, and unregistered lineage of the Omaha-Ponca Midwestern Native American Tribe of Nebraska and Iowa.

Rue and Zay believe all lands are interconnected and that ownership is a perpetuation of colonizer oppression. Land is a gift. We offer refuge and opportunities to all BIPOC communities to reconnect with the earth and the skies on land that was recognizably acquired from our own conflicted white privileges.

Thank you Inbal Newman for collaborating with Rubina Martini on this writing.