Supported Residency

Accepting ongoing applications.

Artist in Residence room designed by : Grace Rother

As artists we look for opportunities to nurture our own creative growth while engaging the community our art serves. At Tomorrow River Homestead we offer financial reprieve for artists interested in our space and the community that attends. The supported residency presents creative work trade for an engaged experience. 

Our facilities offer private rooms and community studios.  If accepted, you would be offered our Artist Package at a reduced rate.

We offer:

  • private room
  • access to community kitchen/bath/laundry 
  • full access to community art studios 
  • coffee/eggs/toast
  • weather permitting: a float down the Tomorrow River

In exchange for:

  • $25 / day stay
  • discounted rate per supplies in studio

OR in exchange for:

  • Housing trade somewhere we want to travel to!
  • Developing our dark room studio. 
  • Weekend class for our community.
  • Creative work trade.
  • Gardening work trade. 

If interested, please submit the following application:

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If looking for part or full trade, what would you like it to be?
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Arrival Date *
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