Funded Residency

Applications will open Winter 2018 for the Summer 2019.

One artist per month:  


As artists we look for opportunities to nurture our own creative growth while engaging the community our art serves. At Tomorrow River Homestead we offer financial reprieve for artists interested in our space and the community that attends. The funded residency presents financially accessible opportunity for an engaged experience. 

We are seeking independent artists to create amongst our beautiful 4.5 acres that sits along the Tomorrow River. Our homestead is located in the Village of Nelsonville, population 155.. There is a 40 acre hiking trail, lakes for swimming and a world renowned coffee shop across the street. Our community artist studio, attached to the AiR bedroom, is well equipped with but not limited to printmaking, fiber arts, a kiln, a dark room that needs installing and many more mediums.  

In our first year, we sought out artists to explore the ideas of: taking risks and building something from scratch. How do we do this with our hearts? How do we overcome the fears held in our minds and our muscles? What are the ways we pull from our personal experience, community support and social practice?  

Socially marginalized artists are strongly encouraged to apply.
We accept all ethnicities, orientations, genders, and abilities.

A woman of color recently asked, "Would I feel comfortable being here?" As a white woman with inherent privilege I can't answer that, but I can say that at our homestead, everyone is welcome. There are wonderful folks that make up the community here, but it is still stolen land just a few generations removed. We are constantly trying to dismantle the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy here in rural America.

We are a community lodging facility, each artist is expected to use the space independently. We are flexible with our interactions. We have full time jobs to support this programming, but we try to make ourselves available as needed.



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If accepted artist receives: 

  • 10 nights free

  • private room

  • access to community kitchen/bath/laundry

  • full access to community art studio

In exchange for:

  • $10 application fee

  • artist presents one socially engaged workshop, lecture, art piece or literature contributed to Tomorrow River Homestead.


  • transportation not covered

  • $20 minimum transportation fee from surrounding cities (Wausau, Appleton, Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, Minneapolis)

  • If you are not accepted for the funded residency, paying applicants are considered for our "Supported Residency" which provides discounted rate in your own private room and access to community artist studios.


Funded Residency Application Fee
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Please let us know if you need us to waive the application fee.

But 2morrow I c change
A chance 2 build anew
Built on spirit, intent of heart
and ideals based on truth
— Tupac Shakur

For questions please feel free to contact us. We are loving, kind folk looking to strengthen our artist community through transparent and open dialogue.