Rubina Martini


Director of Programming
Facility Management

My craft includes fiber arts, installation, performance, photography, printmaking, publishing, video, and web development. I am a creative non-fiction writer of prose and poetry.

I have studied art, education and women’s studies at Portland Community College (PCC) and Portland State University (PSU). I hold a Video Production Certificate from PCC and a Certificate in Writing from the Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC).

As of recently I was hired as the Practical Arts & Handwork Teacher at Tomorrow River Community Charter School. Between January and June I facilitate an afterschool art program for youth independent study. My background includes teaching summer camp, after school, and evening classes to youth and adults through Portland's Independent Publishing Resource Center and Saturday Academy, a STEAM program for K-12. Curriculum has included natural fiber sculpture, bookbinding, video production, animation, blog writing, and travel studies through hand work. I use a feminist framework in developing curriculum and creating a safe learning space.

I have volunteered for Project Grow, an organization providing art and farm opportunities to people with developmental disabilities. I have also worked at the Independent Publishing Resource Center since 2010 as a Letterpress Shop Steward, Bookbinding Steward and Community Outreach Facilitator. I was the Chief of Staff/Volunteer Coordinator of the Experimental Film Fest PDX for two years. In my early days, I volunteered time at the Albany Damien Center, an HIV/AIDS community space in Upstate New York.

Between 2016-2017 I co-created and directed The Pigeons Studio and Gallery in Portland, Oregon along with the help from its 15 volunteers. This space curated 10 art shows, multiple workshops and consigned over 40+ local female identified artists during its one year. 

Throughout 2017 I was the farm manager for Prior Day Farm. This farm hosted international artists and held workshops focusing on Butoh through its parent organization, Water in the Desert, a non-profit bridging art and sustainable land practices.

Currently my partner and I have started Tomorrow River Homestead. This 4.5 acre farmette in Central Wisconsin will be hosting artist residencies through its studio space and provide housing in the 60 year old refurbished rest home/boarding house. Artists not only have access to the Tomorrow River in the backyard, but the means to create art in our quaint fiber, printmaking, (and eventual) clay and darkroom studios.

Seven Segments | Project in Process | 2016
with Pippa Possible and Kara McMullen 


Sou’wester Day Two | 2014 | Travel Video 

estate : identity |  2014 |  image + text

4- 20 x 30 photo prints
1- inventory of everything owned
categorized by item name, type, year attained, sentimental price, means of attainment, collection items and received from.


Performance & Installation Stills