We believe artists of all backgrounds and financial standing deserve a quiet rural space to create.


Supported Residency

This residency is for independent artists looking to create in beautiful Central Wisconsin. Guests have access to the open studio, garden and standard amenities of the homestead.

This residency runs:

  • 1-3 month stays for $450/month.

  • 7 days for $200

  • Discounted rate at $35/day


Funded Residency

Because we believe in access, opportunity and burning down the capitalist patriarchy, we offer a free 10 day artist residency. This residency opens once a year. Priority is given to folks of marginalized communities.

This residency is offered once a year, up to three spots.


Artist Apartment

If you catch it at the right time, we have a rotating door for artists needing more space. Our private artist apartment is month to month, two bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, with large living room. This space is upstairs.

This is residency is $600 per month.