Magic is a useful way to usher in a new season, lay to rest a long winter, and bring in the light. Join astrologer Lacey Prpic Hedtke of The Future, Nicole Mayefske of Big Mouth Tarot and contemporary crafter Rubina Martini of Tomorrow River Homestead for a Witches’ Weekend.

A small group will convene in rural Wisconsin for a weekend of magic, astrology workshops, tarot instruction and handwork. We’ll be focusing on tools that will enrich our lives as artists, magic-makers and witches.

This retreat takes place at Tomorrow River Homestead, an artist residency space in rural central Wisconsin, with private or shared rooms, a shared kitchen, and 4.5 riverfront acres to explore. It is a feminist space trying to find reprieve from the cis-hetero white supremacist capitalist patriarchy. Click hereto see the rooms.

Includes lodging for two nights, all workshops and one-on-one sessions, and dinner on Friday and Saturday nights (vegetarian/gluten free), breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and snacks.

Single room: $295
Sharing a room: $550 total ($275/person)
Local (no overnight): $215

If you and a friend would like to share a room, please email thefuturempls@gmail.com with your name and the name of the person you’ll be sharing with.


About Rubina:

Rubina Martini is co-owner and director of Tomorrow River Homestead (TRH), Central Wisconsin. TRH provides community lodging, artist residencies and programming for folks of all identities. TRH mission is to explore identity, cultural dialogue and community through contemporary craft in an open studio setting. Rubina teaches practical arts using a feminist pedagogical framework. They are an activist and elected official in the Village of Nelsonville, pop. 155. Their personal work uses writing, fiber crafts and performance to explore sexual trauma, mental illness, Native American identity and growing up part of the child welfare system. Rubina is passionate about placemaking, accessibility and allyship in rural America. 

About Lacey:

Lacey Prpić Hedtke is a photographer, public artist, librarian, astrologer and witch in Minneapolis. She is the founder of The Future, a project space, artist market, Aquarian lab, artist residency, library, workshop and event space, and studio for witches in Minneapolis. She has been studying astrology for 25 years and is interested in the intersection of tarot, astrology, magic, and spell-working. She studied to be a medium at the Greater Boston Church of Spiritualism, and learned the laying-on-of-hands. She is interested in all things witchy and magical.

About Nicole:

Nicole Mayefske, aka Big Mouth Tarot, is a queer tarot reader based in St. Paul, MN.

In the five years she's been immersed in tarot, she's gone from simply reading for herself to becoming a graduate of the inaugural Brooklyn Fools Online Course, writing the Monthly Medicine column for Of the Wolves, reading professionally for others out of her home and at events, and being a quest on Lindsay Mack's Tarot for the Wild Soul Podcast.

A shy introvert as a child, Nicole has experienced the healing magic of tarot firsthand and is determined to not only spread that bountiful knowledge, but to make it more accessible as well with her straightforward, yet tender-hearted approach.