TOMORROW RIVER HOMESTEAD believes that artists of all identities deserve to create in a quiet rural space. We have multiple artist residency levels to meet artists at their means. Our hope is to include as many voices in the growth of our homestead and artist community.

Each artist has access to our open studio, shared kitchen, garden, riverfront amenities (canoe/tubes), rickety bicycle, and any natural nook located on our 4.5 acres centered in the heart of Nelsonville. Our property is not yet accessible for wheelchairs, but everything is located on the first floor. Our homestead identifies as a feminist space trying to find reprieve from the cis-hetero white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.

Artist should expect to balance independent practice with varying degrees of communal interactions. Depending on the interest of the artist and schedule of hosts, interactions vary dependending on need and availability. Due to the layout of the home, artists should be comfortable with sharing two restrooms, kitchen and common spaces.

The hosts of Tomorrow River Homestead fund the space by working two full time jobs. Currently we have no third party funding. Unfortunately we are unable to provide stipends, food or travel at this time. Depending on proposal, we may accept up to half work trade or work shares for our garden yield.

OPEN STUDIO. The studio provides staple items (brushes, tools, etc), a poster press, floor loom, kiln, (potential dark room that needs install), sewing machine, typewriters, printer and various other craft materials. Artists should bring in their own favored supplies. Art supply stores are limited in the area. This is a shared space, personal use may be requested and scheduled.

TRADE: Artists are welcome to propose trades. Examples include but are not limited to gardening, landscaping, building projects, rug making, painting int/ext spaces, art installations, classes. Trade is up to half quoted rate for stay.

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