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Join us and immerse yourself in informative and hands-on workshops where you experience the homesteading and village life of Nelsonville, Wisconsin. Listen to the journeys of locals who have relocated to rural Wisconsin from urban environments and how that’s shaped their way of life. Experience a low waste lifestyle and learn how folks have crafted community in this “unintentional, intentional community”.

Tentative Schedule


Coffee, Welcome Introductions, Property Tour
(please join us with a full belly)

Beeswax Making Workshop w/ Rue 
using The Bird and the Bees wax
and the option to make tooth powder
in the Annex Art Studio

Lunch with locally sourced goods and vegetables from the garden.

Upcycled Wood Caddy Workshop w/ Dave Mangin
in the Artist Barn

Walk of the Nelsonville Sanctuary

Community Dinner
followed by an evening bonfire (weather permitted)
and conversation centering community.


Hello Retreater,

We are so pleased to be hosting Centering Community at Tomorrow River Homestead. This retreat is the culmination of two years of following our hearts to a place that centers us, that is centered around community and that which engages community growth.

With you joining us, we hope to exchange ideas around the topic that define us: how we choose to live. We knew before moving here we wanted access to things that were authentic, slow, thoughtful and kind. Seems lofty, but when you apply these notions to daily life it really starts to make you think… Is the food I am eating slow? Are the folks I engage with authentic? Am I thoughtful in my consumerism? Are we doing our best to be kind to the planet and ourselves?

Lucky for us we accidentally moved to a village we call our “Unintentional, Intentional Community”. Over the course of the weekend you will get to meet and work with folks who ask themselves these same questions. They also happen to be our neighbors!!! Honestly, it was a surprise to us too that we could happen across such a thoughtful community dedicated to the real work.

We look forward to hosting you and sharing how we are cultivating a low-waste, diy, feminist driven space in Central Wisconsin!


Retreat Rates



Rates include workshops with their materials, coffee, lunch and dinner.



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