Creative Practices

Our after-school program is a great way for students to familiarize with making art in an independent community studio, get to know artists in our community and to learn more about their own creative interests.




Tuesday or Thursday

(ongoing January-June) 
3pm - 4:45pm

Here at the studios we encourage youth art explorers to pick their own destination and we guide them on their journey. Art can be about result, but it is also about exploring the details along the path, all the missteps and finding yourself far from where you thought you were headed. This series gets youth artists on the path and guides them. We will not be focused on the end result, but finding ourselves lost somewhere along the way.  

Creating an art practice is the foundation to living a more creative life. 

Students arrive at Tomorrow River Homestead by bus or drop-off. They enter the large two room studios from the front porch. Youth artists get settled with their snack, meditations and movement. Students will shape their own curriculum based on creative interests. Each week we will discuss ideas that inspire us, explore mediums within/without our experience and the result being a creative practice. 

Youth artists are exposed to: working in a real art studio, choosing and crossing mediums, collaborating with other youth/adult artists and even introduced to light critique.

Most supplies are provided. Students may choose but are not limited to explore: drawing/painting, printmaking, fiber arts/sewing, sculpture, and creative writing

$10 class/day + $5 material cost/day

*Prepaid option only, no drop-in. 
**Pick-up no later than 5:00pm unless pre-discussed

We accept Cash / Check/ In-Person Credit Cards
(online purchases available at a later date)