Artist Residency 2019

Details Form

The following form is to help us determine the details of your visit.

We had a hard time saying no to most that applied. So, for the hell of it, we want to see if we can get as many of you as possible. Most you said you were interested in working in the garden, we truly appreciate your interest in participating in the space.

If everyone visits we will have about 20 artists visiting us from June-December. Most folks can only come during the summer which is our busiest season.

We will be accepting times as they come in and I will do my best to update the calendar that has availability.

While we wish we had the funds to bring you all out, this is the most flexible opportunities we have. If you are still interested in attending please fill out this form.

Once we start to get responses, we will have more one-to-one, personal email correspondences about your trip.

Please consider the cost of travel it will take to get here. Round trip flight tickets from most cities to Central Wisconsin range around $300-450. We can pick you up from (closest to furthest)

  • Wausau

  • Green Bay

  • Appleton

  • Madison

  • Milwaukee

Look for grants to help with travel residencies! I am happy to write a formal acceptance letter!! XO

3090 County Highway Q
Nelsonville, Wisconsin

Please consider the time and cost of traveling to us. It can be a beautiful drive and we highly recommend it.


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